★★★ a hundred film photos i’ve taken ★★★

the bluffs
the bluffs
zia’s 95th birthday

georgia on the beach

the leopold museum in vienna

swans at night in vienna I

friends on the beach

mountains in switzerland

james at toronto island

el’s 19th birthday

alex reading coraline

swans in st.james park

luca and eisha in a bookstore

the grotto

cows somewhere i pulled over

abby and oliver at the old place

colleen and maeve in tommy’s chair

ice fishing huts mid-winter

night view out of the breakfast room window

james on new years eve

winter out the car window I

el and raph’s dish rack

shannon, brynn, and georgia at the christmas party

the christmas party

shaving james’ head on new years day II

el on the living room floor

amryn at the gallery

things we got at the grocery store in vienna

me and ana, taken by kevin

el in a gallery

alex, ana, eisha, and kevin together

james on our anniversary

vienna nighttime picnic
harshena on the beach
harshena on the beach
me by james, on our anniversary

finley in my childhood bedroom

maeve and harshena looking for seaglass

james on our balcony in vienna

swans at night in vienna II

cows on the mountain

georgia on the beach

three birthdays at once

stained glass in a church in warwick

alex outside our first apartment

alex by bond lake

alex taking a beach nap

signs on the street in oxford

bookstore in stratford

picture in el’s apartment

one of my old bedrooms

shaving james’ head on new years day I

day view out of the breakfast room window

chunk of ice

winter out the car window II

el smoking out the window

oliver and maeve on new years eve

moving into the new apartment

photos above my bed frame

el on the morning of their 21st birthday

el in the kitchen in summer

amryn in front of painting

the lake

anna, raph, and el, before we got rained on

ana, alex, and eisha napping

tadgh’s bedroom window

anniversary mussels

vienna somewhere

james on the bluffs

el and raph’s kitchen table
vienna from our balcony
vienna from our balcony
our bed in vienna

james and tadgh in tadgh’s bedroom

view out the window in paris

mountain in switzerland

maeve on the beach

el’s old apartment in montreal

ana by the lake

colleen and maeve on my 22nd birthday

alex on the beach

alex in bond lake

people in oxford

james brushing his teeth

museum in london

friends scattered

church in warwick

someone along the shoreline

james in raph and el’s living room

el in beaux-arts

james shaving

the back deck of my childhood home

georgia on new years eve

at the museum with james

alex and kevin skating on bond lake

el and raph’s living room

luca and zia

el by the window

amryn at the AGO

el and raph’s living room a bit different


ana, alex, eisha, and kevin

our bed vienna again